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JomBiz! KitNiaga + MultiMarket

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JomBiz! KitNiaga + MultiMarket

JomBiz! KitNiaga MultiMarket PREMIUM Package membolehkan anda menjual hingga ribuan produk sehari! Sistem JomBiz MultiMarket ini adalah tambahan sistem dari Advanced Package. Semua ciri-ciri yang terdapat dalam Sistem KitNiaga Store PRO juga terdapat sistem KitNiaga Multimarket. (Untuk melihat ciri-ciri penuh yang terdapat dalam sistem KitNiaga Store PRO, sila ke pautan berikut:



JomBiz! MultiMarket is the application that will grab products from other big online marketplaces (, aliexpress,com,, or any others that are configured) and insert them directly into your E-Commerce store. The main difference from similar software is that MultiMarket will be integrated with your store's database and will insert and update the products (and all other entities like attributes or images) directly, without mediation of CSV, XML or any other intermediates.

MultiMarket is the extension for automatic bulk product upload from any big market directly into your store. We developed this extension in such a way that creation of large high-grade store with lots of categories and products has become a matter of several weeks or even days.

Also, it can be launched in the automatic mode, supports grabbing via proxy servers (including the ability to use your own proxy list), able to grab whole listings (categories, search results listings etc) and has a lot of settings to give you an opportunity to fill your store merchandise as quickly as possible.


How it works


JomBiz! MultiMarket makes it's job in the next way: you create the tasks (instructions for grabbing) and JomBiz! MultiMarket will grab products one-by-one while you doing something else. If you want to grab some listing (for example, the whole category from another website, or search results list), MultiMarket will find all products from this listing page by page and grab products even from paginated listing. After all products are grabbed it will periodically update products (check if the price or stock status was changed).

  • MultiMarket will grab all products you need step by step (product by product) and insert them into your store. 
  • MultiMarket works via "Tasks" which you have to configure by yourself using MultiMarket user interface.
  • MultiMarket able to process both listing urls and lists of separate product urls.
  • MultiMarket is fully configurable, so it will process as intensive as you want. 



What is it good for?

JomBiz! MultiMarket is best for affiliates stores, regional representatives of markets which do not have the API to get products from them. You may use it to fill in your store with impressive number of products to make it more attractive both for search bots and for the customers, to create sattelites of your new E-Commerce project etc. Content manager is not needed for your store anymore - use MultiMarket instead.


Also, MultiMarket able to...


  Grab products via PROXY. MultiMarket may grab products through proxy servers to hide your IP from donor market. You may use your own proxy servers list.



  Grab products in the automatic mode. It doing it's job in the automatic mode (using "CRON" server's utility). It will grab products into your store while you relax.



Grab product's variations. MultiMarket will grab product's variations (Sizes, Colors etc) for most of donor markets.



 Be selective. You may set priority for particular task for grabbing (Normal, High, Urgent). MultiMarket will process the higher priority tasks in the first place.



 Update grabbed products. MultiMarket will periodically update product's price, stock status and product's attributes after grabbing. Your products always will be in the up-to-dated state.



 Change it's behaviour to meet your needs. MultiMarket has it's own customisation system as well as own plugin's system. You may order some additional features or MultiMarket's behaviour.




  •  Unlimited number of tasks ( instructions for grabbing products from other big ecommerce website)
  •  Unlimited categories and products scraper (you may define several Listings or product's lists in one task. Also you may define several categories of your store where the grabbed products will be inserted)
  •  Whole listing or category scraping in one task
  •  Ability to switch ON/OFF any task (like you press "Pause" when watching the movie)
  •  Ability to add unlimited number of donor markets for additional fee (you may order the personal additional plugins to grab any other donor market that is not supported by the MultiMarket's core - just contact us). List Of donor markets supported by MultiMarket at the moment see below
  •  Ability to define separate folder for product's images grabbed by each particular task
  •  Ability to define if you need the images in the product description be uploaded to your server or leave them as external links (may be useful if you are trying to save the disk space when grabbing too many products)
  •  Auto updating all grabbed products (after the MultiMarket grabbed and inserted the products in your store, it will periodically update these products - will check if the price or stock status or attributes of some product were changed)
  •  Ability to choose the action that MultiMarket will do if the grabbed product no more available at the donor market or is out of stock (you may choose "Delete the product", "Set up 0 quantity to this product", "Set up out-of-stock status to this product" or "Do nothing" or some other option)
  •  Ability to set both fixed and/or relative price's margins of all products grabbed by each particular task ( for exapmle, add 10% and $20 more to original price )
  •  Ability to set donor market's currency (Note, thatMultiMarket just grabs digits and if your own store's currency is different than donor market's currency, MultiMarket will translate the price value into your store's currency using the currency exchange rates in your store's settings)
  •  Data capacity: up to 10000 products grabbed/daily ( depending on your server's abilities ). NOTE: "up to" does not mean that we gurantee 10000 products grabbed from ANY donor market and on ANY server. Some markets are extremely hard for grabbing (examples are,, etc) so it will be good if you will be able to grab at least 1000 products daily from them. Another ones are vice versa: very friendly to the bots that are collecting data from other websites - MultiMarket​ will grab thousands of products from them without any problems.
  •  PROXY server's support ( Ability to define your own proxy servers list and MultiMarket will grab products through these servers - may be very usefull if the donor market blocked your domain while intensive grabbing or you just want to hide your Domain/IP from the donor markets)
  •  Built-in interface for monitoring the MultiMarket's processing (Log's section)
  •  User-friendly interface to create and edit tasks for MultiMarket
  •  Wide range of other settings


List of donor markets supported by JomBiz! MultiMarket at the moment:

  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing)
  • - ( (hard for grabbing, requires good server)
  • - (with OPTIONS)
  • - (and all submarkets: .de, .es, .fr, etc)
  • - (with OPTIONS, some images in the product description may be watermarked)
  • - (with OPTIONS, very fast grabbing, images may be watermarked)
  • - (with OPTIONS, images are clear and good quality)
  • - (clear and hi-res images)
  • - (with OPTIONS, some images may be watermarked)
  • - (images may be watermarked, very fast grabbing)
  • - (EXPERIMENTAL, hard for grabbing, requires good server)
  • - (images are clear and good quality)
  • - (with OPTIONS, grabs price ONLY in USD)
  • -
  • - (with OPTIONS and all submarkets: pt., es., fr., de., etc)
  • - (images are watermarked)
  • - (all submarkets:, etc, hi-res images, weight grabbing)
  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing, high quality clear images)
  • -, (with OPTIONS, requires INVISIBLE MODE, WARNING: supplied without any guarantee that it will process on your side)
  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing, clear images)
  • - (with OPTIONS, HIGH quality images)
  • - (with OPTIONS)
  • -
  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing, high quality images)
  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing, high quality images)
  • - (with OPTIONS, fast grabbing)
  • - (fast grabbing)
  • - (with OPTIONS, very fast grabbing)
  • - (with OPTIONS, Hi-res images)
  • -
  • - ( (EXTREMELY hard for grabbing, requires powerful server, also set the minimal quantity of grabbed products at once)
  • - (with OPTIONS, some images may be watermarked)
  • - (with OPTIONS), hard for grabbing (takes much time and server resources)
  • - (with OPTIONS, clear and high quality images)
  • -
  • - (with OPTIONS, hi-res images, weight grabbing, hard for grabbing - set the minimum "Product quantity each iteration")
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