Ezywire: mPOS Solution for Business
-36% Ezywire: mPOS Solution for Business

Ezywire: mPOS Solution for Business

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Credit Cards (Mastercard & Visa)
We currently accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Your credit card information is secured and safeguarded when shopping at JomBiz.com. All information are encrypted and sent through secured and protected channels. As we are employing BillPlz as our payment gateway, BillPlz will be stated in your credit card statement.


Financial Process Exchange (FPX)
We also accepts FPX payment method as it is an ideal payment solution for customers who does not have a credit card. All that is needed to make an online payment is an online banking account. Payment is directly linked and connected to the customer's specified online banking account, transactions are usually instant and fast. Supported banks includes:


Cash Bank-in / Online Fund Transfer
You may bank-in cash or cheque into the selected bank account below:


Account No. : [MAYBANK] - 562263530957
3rd-party e-mail: jombiznetwork@gmail.com


Send payment proof with the stated Order Number to
Email Address: jombiznetwork@gmail.com or Whatsapp: 60133070915 / 601165043904



PayPal lets you send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. 
Not valid for cash only items. Paypal Email: sinarmediasolution@gmail.com


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Ezywire: mPOS Solution for Business



Ezywire adalah satu alat yang membolehkan anda (peniaga) menerima bayaran melalui kad kredit/debit kad (Visa & Mastercard) daripada pelanggan. 

EZYWIRE mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sales) helps merchants and merchant service providers get to market quickly with secure and powerful mobile point of sale solutions, regardless of the technology environment.

Whether enabling financial institutions and third party acquirers to launch their own mobile point of sale (mPOS) offering or working with leading retailers to mobilise their sales force, our solutions are designed to helping merchants create closer, more personalised interactions with their customers.



  • Terima pembayaran melalui Visa & Mastercard.
  • Selamat – Duit terus masuk ke akaun anda.
  • Tiada yuran bulanan.
  • Saiz kecil dan ringan.
  • Sambungan menggunakan bluetooth.
  • Mesra iOS dan Android.
  • Transaksi fee yang sangat rendah 1.7% sahaja.



Demo bagaimana alat ini digunakan



  • Pengusaha kereta sewa.
  • Pengusaha homestay/hotel bajet.
  • Penganjur seminar.
  • Tauke restoran.
  • Pengusaha bengkel kereta.
  • Peniaga MLM (Multi Level Marketing).
  • Sesiapa sahaja yang berniaga.



  • Ada lesen perniagaan (trade license)/syarikat yang sah.
  • Ada akaun semasa perniagaan/syarikat (2 bulan penyata terkini).
  • Tidak menjalankan aktiviti perniagaan yang menyalahi undang-undang.
  • Pemohon tidak sangkut CCRIS, CTOS dan bukan seorang bankrap.



Alat ini dijual pada harga RM778 per unit, namun untuk promosi pra pelancaran, anda hanya perlu membayar RM498 sahaja. Harga alat RM400 + One Time Setup Fee RM45 + Processing Fee RM53 = RM498. Pembayaran hanya perlu dibuat selepas anda menghantar segala dokumen lengkap seperti lesen perniagaan/syarikat, salinan ic dan penyata bank akaun.



The 3 EZY Steps


Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) | The 3 EZY Steps




Why EZYWIRE is for you?


Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) | Why EZYWIRE is for You

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